About SeaMaid

SeaMaid is inspired by a connection with the sea. A lifetime spent walking beaches, looking to the sand and stones for treasures waiting there to be found. Years sailing the Cornish coastline, exploring shores unreachable by land and rarely visited, aboard our our floating home.

The sea is a constant...beautiful and ever-changing.

​Now back on land, at the edge of East Bodmin Moor, inspiration continues to be drawn from nature.

A love of our natural environment leads my desire to make jewellery with as little impact to it as possible. Glass is collected from the shores of Cornwall and 100% recycled sterling silver is used in every piece.

  • Meet the Maker

    I'm Laura Jackson, a collector of sea glass and lover of beaches. Having recently moved from our sailing boat, I now live and work in a Cornish farmhouse near Altarnun, on the edge of Bodmin Moor.

    Thank you for being here!

  • About Sea Glass

    Genuine sea glass began its life as human-made objects, such as bottles and tableware, before finding its way to the sea after being discarded, deposited, or even lost in a shipwreck. The glass objects, or shards, are tumbled by the sea for many years before being returned to the shore where they can be found with the gorgeous, frosted finish found only in natural sea glass.

    All of the sea glass in my jewellery was found by me on the beaches of Cornwall. Each unique piece is carefully selected before being worked with 100% recycled sterling silver.

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